Competitive Advantages in Joining Flash ATM Network

FlashATM ATM Machine in use by customers

We have been in the ATM business for over 20 years and our network spans from Vancouver to Newfoundland. We have grown our business from a local company to a national company, and soon to be international simply by establishing good relationships with our clients and servicing the heck out of every location, regardless if the ATM is a high performing site or not, we will go out of our way to make sure we have the most uptime in this industry. Developing good long-lasting relationships is also a core value and part of our mission statement. We want to be in business with you for the long run, which is why we are offering these very competitive proposals where we think are more than fair and still will allow us to logistically maintain and service them to guarantee you too have the most uptime with your ATM machines. 

There are many features that we offer that gives us the competitive advantage, here is one of the many features that is quite often overlooked:

We offer our clients the ability to reach a technician 24/7. This may not sound like a valuable feature at face value, however, in the ATM industry, something that largely impacts profits is the uptime of your equipment, and by having access to a technician on a 24/7 basis, this guarantees that each location will have direct access to a trained technician at all times of the day and all days of the week. 90% of service related issues are solvable over the phone.

A very nice feature that will be provided free of charge to you is a software that will allow BG Fuels to monitor the overall ATM portfolio for all the ATM locations at once. You will be able to monitor their performance as well as their settlement deposits, commission deposits and many other very interactive accounting & management features. 

Managers from each locations will be able to have access the ATM in their own location and have permissions to view and access only the information defined by your company. They will also be able to set alerts that will go directly to their email or SMS if the ATM has an issue or the cash threshold falls below a pre-determined set point

With our infrastructure, we offer a very versatile way to seamlessly distribute cashflow across all your locations. You could have 100% of the generated revenues to go directly to your head office, or your could allocate a certain flat amount or percentage to be deposited automatically to each individual stores. To be discussed further. 

Another advantage that cannot be copied on any level and sets us apart is my level of passion and care for the ATM industry. 

I am passionate about my company and the service we offer by providing access to millions of card holders access their cash each year. I genuinely care about making sure that all my customers/merchants have ATM’s that are up & running at all times, which is why I always make it a habit of scanning through equipment vitality reports and taking proactive measures to call my customers if I see that an ATM is having technical issues. My level of passion will definitely have a positive impact on your bottom line at the end of the year, I guarantee you this.

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